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Anti-Racism for Global Justice

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Becoming an Anti-Racist Activist

Becoming an Anti-Racist Organizer
An Introduction to Grassroots Anti-Racist Organizing
Anti-Racism for Global Justice

Comments from organizers about our work:

The workshop changed my life, and my course as an activist. The workshop took off my white blinders and helped me to recognize how white privilege and institutionalized racism are at play in the global justice movement. I gained new tools, and invaluable new perspectives to guide my work. Historically, social movements have exacerbated racial divides. We can not afford to repeat these mistakes.
-Juliette Beck, organizer with Public Citizen

The folks at Anti-Racism for Global Justice project are extremely important allies in our work. So often we encounter such enormous barriers to real grassroots movement building, primarily from white privileged (supposedly) allies that it ends up consuming so much of our time, energy and resources to overcome. But with the CWS folks, we know that we can stand together with them and they'll help strengthen our movement, instead of being an obstacle to it like others would. It is so refreshing to have such allies, their work is so unique yet so incredibly vital that we only wish there were many more folks like them we can work with.
-Colin Rajah, Executive Director of JustAct: Youth Action for Global Justice

We've led workshops with groups on the following campuses:

University of Chicago
American University
Humboldt State University
San Francisco State University
University of California, San Diego
University of California, Santa Barbara
University of California, Davis
University of California, Berkeley
Middle Tennessee State University
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Cornell University
Sonoma State University
New College, California
Stanford University
Evergreen University, Washington

Some of the organizations we work with and have led workshops with include:

Ruckus Society
JustAct: Youth Action for Global Justice
STARC Alliance (Students Transforming and Resisting Corporations)
United Students Against Sweatshops
Bay Area Action Council
Active Solidarity
National Organizers Alliance
Rainforest Action Network
Stanford Student Coalition Against War
National Conference on Organized Resistance
Food Not Bombs
People Opposed to War, Empire and Rulers (POWER)
United for a Fair Economy
Young Democratic Socialists
Empowering Democracy
Mobilization for Unity and Justice
National Lawyers Guild
Art and Revolution

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